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We are a small team of three belgians based in Wallonia and we aim to address important issues met in optical Science today including microscopy education, an easy and affordable access to telecytology and many more.

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It started with a bang

It all started when Henry and Quentin were both clinical biology assistants. During their shifts, they were frequently faced with complex cases and there were no possibilities to share their observations with their supervisors. Indeed, without an expensive equipment, it can be hard to digitize your observations. Plus, they were also asked to leave their beds in the middle of the night to come looking in the microscope.... They talked about that problem with Nicolas and the first idea of Science-Scope came up!

Science-Scope is an app associated with an universal adapter offering the tools needed to create, teach and spread optical science. We want to create a platform that would give the Scientific community the power to create and share easily microscopic, telescopic and other « ic » findings. Finally, We want to enable Scientists to get a remote access through encrypted connections in real time at any time of their optical devices.

...now we’re here

Science-Scope aims to become a relevant community that allows optical science to be shared and explained to both scientists and non-sicentists worldwide.

Our Guiding Product

1. Ambitious & Achievable

Using the Science-Scope adapter, create your own database of microscopic, telescopic and other « ic » pictures.

2. Good For People

An easy way to get and share pictures from the lab

3. Team Before Self

An easy and connected way to train your staff to microscopy in general

4. Be Good

You can finally show the teacher which element you cannot identify !

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