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59 €*

Includes 1 adapter, free app tools, 14 days premium app features free
*excl. VAT
  • Introductory limited time only offer: FREE  PICK-UP SHIPPING across Europe

  • Universal Science-Scope adapter

  • Free app features
  • Personal account
  • Photo Editing tool
  • Follow Live Video Streaming
  • 14 days premium App features :
  • Free app features
  • Create Interactive Live Video Streaming up to 1000 participants


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50 €*

Includes 1 month premium app features, first 14 days free
*excl. VAT
  • Free app features
  • Personal account
  • Photo Editing tool
  • Follow Live Video Streaming
  • 1 month premium App features :
  • Free app features
  • 14 days free at subscription
  • Create Interactive Live Video Streaming up to 1000 participants

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500 €*

Includes 1 adapter, 12 months premium app features, first 14 days free
*excl. VAT
  • 2 months free every year
  • Free app features
  • Personal account
  • Photo Editing tool
  • Follow Live Video Streaming
  • 1 year premium App features :
  • Free app features
  • 30 days free at subscription
  • Create Interactive Live Video Streaming up to 1000 participants

  • Universal Science-Scope adapter (free shipping)

Common Questions

What is a Licensed user and what is a Participant?
A licensed user has a paid meeting license and can schedule meetings with participants based on the capacity their plan allows. A Participant is an invitee in a meeting scheduled by someone with a meeting license. A Participant can join for free. Participants can join a meeting from their phone, desktop (coming soon), mobile and tablet devices.
Is there a discount for education and non-profits?
Science-Scope Systems is proud to support nonprofit organizations around the world that seek to better their communities and the social good. Eligible nonprofit organizations may receive a 25% discount off of Science-Scope's standard Subscription Edition and Perpetual Edition licenses. Eligible nonprofit organizations may also combine these discounts with the volume discounts offered by science-scope to all customers.

Eligible OrganizationsIn general, organizations are eligible to receive a nonprofit discount if they are a nongovernmental organization recognized as a nonprofit or charitable entity in their home country. Public and nonprofit private educational institutions are also eligible to receive the nonprofit discount.
Examples of Eligible Organizations 

Public and private primary and secondary schoolsPrivate nonprofit colleges and universitiesPublic colleges and universitiesHospitals affiliated with a public or private nonprofit college or university 
Ineligible OrganizationsIn general, organizations that are not eligible to receive a nonprofit discount on science-scope software include government agencies, for-profit educational institutions, political or lobbying organizations, and other organizations unable to demonstrate their nonprofit status.
Examples of Ineligible Organizations

Government agencies, museums, hospitals (except for government-funded colleges and universities)For-profit educational institutionsHospitals and medical clinics not affiliated with public or private nonprofit colleges or universitiesGovernment broadcasting entities 
Obtaining the Nonprofit DiscountIn order to obtain the science-scope nonprofit discount, please complete the Nonprofit Discount Request Form for review and approval by science-scope. As part of that request form, you will need to provide evidence of your eligibility. This evidence may be one or more of the following:
A link to a webpage on your website describing your nongovernmental, nonprofit status;A link to a third-party webpage, such as your government taxation agency, where your organization is listed or can be searched for; orA scanned original document certifying your organization’s nonprofit status.
If you have additional questions contact us at nonprofit@science-scope.com
science-scope reserves the right to change or discontinue the nonprofit discount program at any time in its sole discretion. Determination of eligibility for the nonprofit discount program is at Science-Scope's sole discretion and science-scope reserves the right to refuse inclusion in the nonprofit discount program to any person or organization for any reason.
Please note, this discount applies to new purchases only. No refunds or credits will be applied to previous purchases as a result of this discount program.

Can I switch from monthly to annual at any time?
We offer monthly and annual billing for all organization plans. Annual billing includes a discount compared to monthly billing. You can switch between the monthly and annual billing at any time. Your organization account will be moved to the new billing period immediately.

Note: To change an organization’s billing period you must be the organization owner.
What payment methods do you accept?
Science-Scope accepts credit card payments online. To pay by wire transfer please contact us payment@science-scope.com
Will my subscription auto-renew?
Yes. “monthly” and “Yearly” subscriptions are billed in one payment at the time of purchase, and automatically renew at the end of the initial term at the rate secured at the time of purchase, until you decide to cancel. Subscriptions automatically renews and your account will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
I already have my own adapter, can I still use the Science-Scope App?
Yes. You can use all free App features and you can also take a monthly or a yearly subscription.
Is it possible to order a Science-Scope adapter outside Europe?
At the moment, this option is not available. However, if you wish to order a batch of adapters, please contact us on community@science-scope.com and we will try our best to find a solution ;)
Is it possible to use the Science-Scope App outside Europe?
Yes, yes and yes. The app is available on the App Store and the Play Store... have fun!

We bring you an innovative solution for all your optical devices.

connected device

With the Science-Scope adapter and the associated App, you can turn any optical equipment into a connected device.


Easily convert your optical instruments and start broadcasting online or even access them remotely.

Capture images

The Science-Scope adapter and the associated App enables you to capture images straight from your microscope, telescope and many more.


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